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Brasov – Romania

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Coroana** Hotel

Coroana Hotel is a vintage hotel located on the most famous pedestrian street, in the center of Brasov, in a building built in both Baroque and Art Nouveau styles dating back from 1910 and it carries you back in times full of historical significance. It was the first modern hotel of the city, built in 1910 by involving local authorities to address the growing number of customers who were attracted by the benefits of this area, the fresh mountain air and the beauty of the scenery. The original name of “Hotel Krone” coming from the old name of the city (Kronstadt or City of the Crown) managed to capture and keep the mystery of the legend and myth surrounding the name of “Brasov”, the hotel also having an ideal location in the old city at Mount Tampa’s foothills.

The hotel is located at the crossroads with the most famous pedestrian street of Brasov (Republicii) at about a 5 minute walk away from the Square, the Brasov County History Museum, the Black Church and many other historical sites and points of tourist interest. The distance to attractions such as Poiana Brasov can be covered by car in less than 20 minutes and the main train station is 2.7 km away. One of the architectural jewels of Brasov and the oldest hotel in town, Coroana Hotel is located on the famous pedestrian street, close to the demarcation line of the citadel gate and near the Square Hall and the Black Church. The hotel draws your attention through its Art Nouveau and Baroque architecture, being declared a historical monument. The project for the symbol-building was accomplished as a result of a design contest. The inspiration and talent of the architects Schuller and Goldsmidt have made Coroana Hotel into a first class hotel, equipped with a patio, restaurant, a famous Viennese cafe and a club frequented by journalists and literati. It was designed for pleasing both aesthetically and functionally so that the revolutionary design of Munich-esque inspiration has been preserved up to this day.

The threshold of this hotel was crossed by important names of the Romanian spirituality such as George Cosbuc, Cincinat Pavelescu, Lucian Blaga, Emil Cioran and Goga and here the first literary meetings from Brasov were held in 1923. Over the years, Corona has hosted important cultural personalities, musicians, actors and artists coming through cooperation agreements in various outstanding events of the city (The Golden Stag, Conducting Contests, The Chamber Music Festival, the Medieval Festival, opera, vaudeville and ballet as well as the Contemporary Drama Festival).
The artistic air of the place managed to perpetuate itself to this day, and many personalities that crossed the threshold of the hotel confirm and strengthen the tradition of Brasov. Coroana Hotel offers modern and spacious rooms with a great view. Rooms have a view both to Mount Tampa as well as to the Republicii Boulevard, the main pedestrian artery of the city.

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